Affiliate Program

Joining my affiliate program is a great way for you to earn some EXTRA CASH!

When you join my affiliate program you will have the opportunity to promote my writing services, career coaching services as well as my products both offline and online to earn some ADDITIONAL INCOME. 

You do NOT have to be a former client to be eligible to join my affiliate program!

The steps to apply to and join this program are as follows: 

1. You will need to click the "Click Here To Apply" button at the top of this page to join Payhip as an affiliate.  

2. You will receive a Word document with a few questions to answer and send back via email.

3. I will review your information and if you are approved you will receive a PDF document detailing my terms and conditions for you to review and agree to abide by before you officially become an affiliate for Résumés By Iris.

4. If you agree to my terms and conditions you will receive an affiliate link and can begin promoting my services.

5. You will be paid a DAILY sales commission via PayPal on the services and products you sell. 

If you have any questions regarding my affiliate program email me at